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1) Track tasks using the checklist tool

Our checklist tool allows you to treat your event like a project, and keep track of all activities that need to be completed before, during and after the event. Using our library of common tasks associated with different event types, you can jumpstart the event planning process by simply tailoring the prepopulated task list to suit your specific event.

Once you setup your task list, we’ll help ensure that you stay on schedule by sending email notifications when tasks are overdue.


2) Receive bids from vendors based on search criteria

Finding the right vendor, at the right price, and the right location can be challenging. And ensuring that you get maximum value for your money can be an even greater challenge. Fortunately, we’ve simplified the vendor selection process.

Depending on your event type, you’ll get a list of services typically associated with that event type. You can then add or remove services to reflect your particular event. Then for each service, you can request bids from either particular vendors, or for vendors within a defined radius of a particular location, and then we’ll notify you as the bids come in. Our vendor screening tool allows you to filter for vendors and bids that meet a defined criteria so that you are able to make an informed selection of a suitable vendor for that service.



3) Keep costs under control with the budget tool

Without full visibility into all expenses to be incurred and already incurred during the event planning phase, cost overruns are inevitable.

To keep you within your event budget, our budget tool allows you to itemize all your potential expenses and then track their actual costs as they are incurred. But not to worry, we also help you in the itemization process. Depending on your event type, we’ll not only display a list of default expense items for your customization but we’ll also include recommended maximum spend based on your overall event budget.


4) Track email and card invitations and monitor online RSVPs

Informing the right audience about your event can be tricky. You certainly don’t want to forget to invite any of your important family and friends to your special occasion, but you also want to know who is actually coming so that you can plan accordingly.

Using our invitations tool, you can create a list of invitees for your event and send them email invitations while also tracking their responses as they RSVP online. Since some of your event guests may be more receptive to the traditional card invitation, the tool allows for the manual tracking of card invitations and responses. Also, you can import a guest list which you used for one of your previous events into your current event so you never have to start the guest invitation process from scratch.


5) Allow guests to contribute to your gift Wishlist

It’s your special day and you deserve to choose the type of gifts you want. Our cash gift registry has been designed to give you this flexibility to enjoy your dream gifts without putting any unnecessary burden on your guests.

Simply list out the items that you would like to have, and include their price. Your guests can then make cash contributions in Naira or in Dollars towards these items, and you can send them a note of appreciation as they help you achieve your dream gifts. You also have the flexibility to withdraw the contributions whenever you like e.g. to help fund your event.


6) Create website from a variety of designs

The internet offers a great way to showcase your event and tell your story. However, getting a quality event website can be a complicated and sometimes expensive process.

Using our website setup tool, you can choose from a variety of layouts, fonts, colors, and even background music to give it a finish that reflects your style and event theme. Also, you can include images and videos in addition to text to better tell your story. Finally, publishing the website and associating it with any of your previously registered domain is only a click away.